Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tiny Closet Love

Last night we ventured out to Famous Dave's for some dinner, they had a buy one get one free deal so the wait was FOREVER. We are not one's to pass up a deal, so we put our names on the list and ran over to Old Navy, where I scored $19 jeans. Holla! The sales boy took it upon himself to explain the different fit of every pair of jeans in.the.whole. store. We loved it when he got to describing the hip area because he would awkwardly pause and for lack of better phrase and say that the Diva had a "roomier butt" or the sweetheart had a "smaller butt space." Funny thing was that we never asked about the different kinds. He just walked up, started twirling his slightly off the the right rat tail and dove right in to his colorful and very descriptive spiel. We were thoroughly entertained, especially j.rue. After, we headed back to Dave's, were seated, and waited another 50 minutes for food. It made us sad/kissey faced.

Anywho...remember how I said I was going to write a whole post about my closet? Well it's not going to be very much. I was just a little excited about this idea that I saw on pinterest. Is it sad that I have over 1,000 pins on my board and this is the only idea I've brought to life? Kind of yes, but this is a good one! 

What you do is hang up your hangers the opposite way {facing you}. Then, after you wear that shirt/skirt/sweater you hang it back up and put it the normal way {away from you} After 6 months, 12 months, or whatever suits your fancy, get rid of all of the clothes that are on hangers still hanging the opposite way. Genius, yes? As you can see, I will not be getting rid of my black shirt with tan polka dots anytime soon. The rest of you, BEWARE. I think I'll do 12 months for the year round clothes and give my chilly weather clothes until it warms up in May/June/July {it's a gamble in Utah}. Less to pack away and haul out again. I took the liberty, with it being my closet and all, to pull out shirts that I know I haven't worn in at least 2 years. I pulled 10 shirts and 2 bags. It's like my closet lost 15 lbs. {it has such a tiny frame} 

I swear I'm pre-hoarder status with clothes. It's almost like tearing out a tiny piece of my soul when I get rid of something. Because, you know, I might need it for...well you never know. I've also noticed that it's allowed me to see everything I have, everything I haven't worn, and give me ideas for new outfit combos. Oh organization, how you give me butterflies. This was my finished product. I'm quite the proud mama. {see how petite she is? Closet space is not our house's strong suite}:

I do have some skirts and dresses too, they're just in ANOTHER tiny closet next door in the circus room {do you remember the circus room? Another day}. Oh, and have I ever mentioned that my tiny closet is also located in the basement? J.rue called the one in our actual bedroom when we moved in. Sucker. His is about 1/3 of mine.

I think I shall spend the day dreaming of bigger closet space...

LAST THING: If you are a Cougar Town watcher...if you're not you should be...have you ever noticed that they put tiny snarkey subtitles about the actual "cougar Town" title? They do, and I love it. I'm so glad my friends are back.

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