Tuesday, February 21, 2012

14 Moments

We had a fantastic 3-day weekend and I never was able to catch up on my sleep. If I told you about it, it would sound like any other weekend, but this really was a good one. I was laying in bed last night thinking about, well, lots of things. Mostly how our lives are made up of tiny moments. Sometimes the tiny moments are actually HUGE moments, like when he puts a ring on your finger, you walk across the stage and get your diploma, or signing that last line before you purchase your first home. Tiny seconds, huge deal. We all love those. This weekend didn't have any of those, but it did have some just tiny moments that made this weekend oh so sweet.

-Short chats in the car with my SIL. Okay, those are actually looooooooooooong talks, but they never seem to last long enough. J.rue also loves this chance to play with his twin.

-Sleeping in until 8:30 Saturday morning. Kind of pathetic time of sleep-in? We think so too. I think we might have made it until 9, but Cooper Kevin would not have it.

- Driving around, j.rue and I, on a Saturday. together. in the middle of the day. It NEVER happens. I can't wait until that mean bully of a B.S. is out of our lives forever.

-Watching Downton with the SIL {can you tell I love her}and squealing together. Squealing together is the best. Being behind on episodes and not having to time to watch, however, is not.

-Laughing with friends so hard that one is on the floor almost peeing her pants. We love hanging out with them. SO MUCH.

-Sitting in Sunday school listening to a lesson on prayer {thinking wow, prayer, again? I'm super righteous, I know.} and then learning something about prayer that was exactly what I needed to hear. I love how Heavenly Father shows me what's up, on a regular basis.

-Having some of our most favorite kids come over to our house for pink milk, popsicles, and playing. We love them. They make us excited for our turn to add some to our family {and then to send them over to others' homes...to spread the love, of course.}

-Playing with my puppies. Yes, they follow me around like their queen, give me licks of love often, and even argue over who sits on my lap, but I'm sad to say that I don't return the favor and just play with them often enough. Planning on steppin' up ma game.

-An organized closet. HALLELUJA! More on that tomorrow. Yes, I'm actually going to write a whole post about my teeny tiny closet tomorrow. Stay tuned...

-Eating CJ's for breakfast with j.rue. So unhealthy, but so delectably delicious that I just couldn't care less.

-Watching my cute little stink of a brother score in his game like it's going out of style. Not like he hasn't done it a million times, but it always makes me feel like such a proud seester. Oh, and it makes me want to tap the person in front of me and say, "jealous?" I'm so rude.

-Eating lunch with my family and just chatting. We're not much of a sit and chat sort of family yet. Food is great at strapping our bums to our seats and forcing us to do so. We always end up enjoying ourselves and talking way to loud {and about way too inappropriate things} for public ears. We're that family.

{please notice the red-headed creeper}

-Chatting with j.rue's family. It's always so relaxing and fun. It's also doesn't hurt that the pump us up with the most scrumptious of goods.

- Going to bed last night knowing that I only have a 4 day work week ahead of me until I get to do this weekend thing all over again.

See, pretty normal. Nothing amazingly noteworthy. We loved it.

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