Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Right on Target

It's been well established on this blog that i.love.tv. Last night? Hart of Dixie--love that Rachael Bilson and her spunk and Castle. Am I the only one that can't ever figure out who done it? Can we all, by the raise of hands, agree that something has to be done about the Bachelor. Like, it should be cancelled? Yes.

Mondays are sad days at Ruesch Manor. We both work at opposite ends of the world {Ogden --> the U} and then j.rue drives straight from work to school from 6-9. We do get to see each other for about 5 minutes to get my parking pass {sometimes I swear that's why the boy married me}. So lately I've been finding things to do to pass the time. I call it personal development. Meaning, I go someplace like, oh, Target, walk around for about an hour, put a million things that we "need" in my cart, and then {here comes the self development part} I sadly put back 98% of cart paraphernalia.

Today I did justify 2 sets of onesies {for unselfish reasons}, a delicious smelling candle that's supposed to make me feel beautiful. {I'm burning it now, it works!}, some essie, a really bad red lip color {on sale thank goodness!} oh, and a really really really cute gray swimsuit that gives this little J. Crew number a run for it's money...

I made an executive family decision and deemed it as a necessity. I did a double check with Coop and Maggie when I got home and they also approved, so I know I'm good. Drives me nuts how much better j.crew makes their photos look. Really Target, how hard would it be to put a little more shape in the boob cups and smooth out those wrinkles?

On a totally unrelated note; the sickness is slowly leaving our house, we'll pray it doesn't waft into yours.

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