Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gratitude - 9

I'm grateful for my education, and I'm so grateful for my husband who supported me through my education {even though I make no money even WITH a degree}. We discussed at the beginning of our relationship how important education was to each of us, and how we wanted instill a love of learning in our children.

When I was growing up I knew I was going to college, I thought it was just something everyone did. I love that my mom made it that important. Ever since I was little my grandma asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up and emphasized the importance of education {and grandpa enforced that with $$ for good grades}. She told me that I absolutely couldn't get married before I finished school, and I wasn't planning on it. Well, obviously that was not the plan Heavenly Father had for me, I got married in the middle of my Sophomore year. But I never once considered not finishing my degree, I knew J supported me and that it was important to him.We switched off. He worked his bum off until I finished, now it's vice versa {he's done in MAY!}

So, yes, I'm grateful for my education and the many ways it has shaped me, but I think I'm more thankful for the support, examples, and encouragement of my loved ones. And one day I hope to be all those things to my children.

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