Thursday, January 20, 2011


Why am I so grouchy you ask? Well, let me just tell you. Remember how I told you I had Sass? Well I lied kind of. I guess unknowingly at the time. And this is how the cinch has made me feel: the grouchiest grump.

Basically, I've started the 5 day cleanse part of Cinch! and am in day 2, sort of. I started yesterday off with a bang---minus the fact that I learned that warm soggy whole leaves of spinach make my dry heave. I thought I was doing great, I had all my meals at the right time and right portions. I hadn't felt hungary all day, which is a miracle for me.

 I'd finished 3 meals before work ended and was about to make my fourth when I turned on the TV, big mistake. Of course the first thing that I saw was a pizza hut commercial. You see, pizza and I have pretty much the perfect relationship, it really is true love. My sweet mother-in-law had also dropped a surprise off at my house earlier that day, cotton candy flavored popcorn. If any of you know me one bit you know my love for anything cotton candy. The night was just not shaping up in my favor. So Jeremy got home and long story short, I scarfed 3/4 of the popcorn and had two pieces of the most delightful stuffed crust pepperoni pizza I had ever had in my life.
Food: 1     Chelsea: 0 --- Lame I know.

Day 2: I had a hard time deciding whether I was going to keep going on the cleanse or not, I was just not feeling it. Well once I told Jeremy how much I spend on food for just 5 days Jeremy made the decision for me: keep going or die. Something to that effect. So, the grumpiness begins. This time around for breakfast I blended up the egg and the spinach before I cooked it. Just so you know it looked like Grinch poop and I still ate it ALL. Grouchy. I think I'll post a picture of it tomorrow for your viewing enjoyment. I continued with rest of the meals and day as normal until...
Jeremy picked me up and I decided to tell him that I wasn't doing the cleanse part of the diet because there were two beautiful pieces of pizza still in the fridge with my name on it and I am going out with my friends to dinner tomorrow. Could he really expect me to NOT eat?

Yes, that is exactly what he expected actually (grouchy), because he reminded me that I had to take out a second mortgage on the house just to buy this food. Not really, but kind of : ) So my sweet husband sat in his car with me for the next 30 minutes comforting a wailing yours truly. No, I was not starving or hurt, just ravenous. So we drove home and I went right in to make my last meal...a smoothie (extreme grump). No it's not consists of plain yogurt (GAG), frozen strawberries, and almond butter. Yes, that's all but tonight...
Food: 1     Chelsea: 1

Oh and a tiny P.S. I have been gagging this smoothie down for the last 30 minutes (grumpy) as I have been writing this. No, I am not even half way done. BOO. Grouchy

Maybe I'll update this through the rest of the cleanse to make an honest gal out of me. I promise to not include random grouchy words tomorrow, only happy positive ones, maybe.

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