Sunday, January 30, 2011

Maggie Pelusa

DISCLAIMER: I am in no way, shape, or form a good doggie photographer.


Maggie Pelusa Ruesch

The newest member of the Ruesch Clan. We adopted her December 23rd, so, as you can tell I am a slacker. Hopefully I won't be this bad when we have our real children...

Maggie is a year old schnauzer-poodle mix and the sweetest cuddliest animal on the planet, the total opposite of Coop. {we still love you buddy}

Just a little background: I've wanted a second dog for a really long time, like really really long time. But, we never did because I was too nervous. I thought it would be way to much work, Coop would become depressed, I didn't want to be the weird annoying couple with two dogs, etc. Well, around Christmas I finally lost it and begged Jeremy to let me add another to our collection.

He was pretty hesitant, but said I could look. I started looking on KSL and online at local animal shelter websites and I decided that I wanted to save an animal. Reluctantly, Jeremy went out with me on a Thursday and we went to 4 different dog pounds, and 5 hours later {bless his sweet soul} we came home with Maggie.

Coop wasn't too thrilled at first, but now they're BFFs. Really. It's almost easier having two dogs. They entertain each other for hours on end and snuggle together for Sunday afternoon naps.

Oh, and just in case your wondering, Pelusa was Maggie's name pre-Ruesch. I know, not attractive, but it I think it's cute. We thought it was appropriate to give Maggs a middle name since Cooper had one.

Side note: Coop's middle name originated from the movie The Proposal. They had the cutest dog on the show named Kevin. Who names their dog Kevin, really? So, I told Jeremy if we ever got a dog I was naming him Kevin. Well, I forgot. Thus, Cooper Kevin.

Anywho...we love her.

P.S. Just to demonstrate my amazing doggie photo skills...


  1. love this! the pic of coop is my favorite!

  2. oh my, she is adorable! how big are your dogs? cause lil maggie looks so small compared to coop.

  3. They're not tiny, but not super big. Coops weighs about 18 pounds and maggie weighs around 10 I think? I have you guys gotten a dog yet?

  4. yeah we got a great dane. her name's cleo and i love her :) by the way, i think pelusa means "fuzz" in spanish.