Monday, July 31, 2017

Summer Shenanigans: July

July is always such a good month, it's hot but no one is sick of it yet and there are of course gobs of holidays to look forward too. It's just the summer, and it's always good.

Melinda and I often find ourselves on the phone many afternoons. I can't speak for her but it definitely makes the afternoons go by faster while I'm trying to get some cleaning done during quiet time. Well, on this particular day she mentioned that there was a new Pretzel Maker at Station Park. As some know one of my pregnancy cravings for all 3 kids has been soft pretzels so we loaded up Fitz, Ellie, and Addie and headed to Pretzel Maker on a whim. Of course it was delicious. We both got the cheese stuffed pretzel bites and if you haven't had them high tail it over there, now. As much as I love having my kids around it does make me look forward to the day that I can lunch without kids on random afternoons. One day...

This boy is getting way too big too quickly. He's growing nicely into her personality and it's quite hilarious. He is also becoming an acceptable playmate for Ellie and it's been fun watching them together this month. Ellie is really working on her patience and Fitz is learning where all of her buttons are. He's also getting really fast a running away.

Ellie is still as spunky as ever. Her ideas are always the best (and only acceptable) ideas, but they always come from a good place. We're still working on cutting out naps so I catch her in funny sleep positions. We got her a few of the classic toddler games and she's slowly catching on and really enjoys long as she wins. We're still working on good sportsmanship.

We haven't been spending much time in our backyard. It's just been so hot and the kids would rather take off on their bikes and bother the neighbors instead. But, it's been cooling off a bit in the evenings so we've been hanging out back there a bit more. We have some delicious grapes that grow over our fence, but obviously they're not quite at their peak ripeness in July. Did that stop Ellie from sampling? Of course not. It was fun catching her sour faces on camera.

Basically, we've just been taking it easy and I'm soaking in their littleness. They're so sweet and curious and when I actually think about it, I am in awe that I made them, that I get to be their mother. And how in the heck did I luck out to stay at home with them every day? This guy. He's the best too. Man, have I struck gold.

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