Thursday, July 27, 2017

Pioneer Day & My 28th Birthday

My birthday and the 24th celebration kind of ran together this year so 2 posts in 1! This year was a good one for sure. My mom took the day off of work and spent the 24th with us. She treated us to Olive Garden as an early birthday dinner. These 2 little yahoos are not the easiest to take out to eat, but they did relatively well and I loved hanging out with my mom. They love their Mimi too!

After we got home from dinner we walked down to the parade on Main St. Earlier that morning Lisa and I set up blankets and chairs and we picked a pretty dang good spot all things considered. We met her and Tori down there right as the parade began. It's really the only parade that I'm down with because 1) it's close and 2) it's in the evening. While it was still extremely bright and hot, the kids loved watching the parade and Fitz especially loved all of the cars and trucks. There are fireworks that night, but after getting second dinner (ha!) with Jeremy's family, we all pooped out and just relaxed for the rest of the evening. It was a good day.

 I lucked out this year for my birthday. Jeremy was able to take the day off, along with a few others, and we had the most relaxing time. Obviously, I'm all about that relaxation right now.

We started out the day at Corner Bakery. We ate our weight in pancakes and eggs and the kids mostly behaved. Jeremy took Ellie to get me balloons the night before and she could hardly handle waiting to give them to me. After brunch we just went home and hung out. The house was clean and the kids played while we lounged and watched New Girl. So nice! After we went to Smiths when Ellie decided that she needed to make me a cake. We had lunch in their food court and gathered the necessary supplies. She was so excited and Jeremy was so patient as they made the cake, which was a pink and purple cake, BTW. Her call.

Soon after we popped the cake in the oven my mom showed up with even more treats to babysit so Jeremy and I could go out to eat. She was left with the task of decorating the cake with Ellie and after prepping her for that we were off! I didn't get any pictures of the 2 of us, but we dined at Cheesecake Factory and thoroughly enjoyed having a hot meal that we didn't have to share with anyone but each other. It was so nice.

When we got home the cake was decorated and we celebrated with the pinkest and purplest cake known the man. The kids sang their little hearts out and even though Ellie wasn't the biggest fan of my cake, I sure was!

I'm learning in my old age, that the best times are the simple ones where I'm surrounded by those who love me and I love more than anything. My birthday was completely perfect and I wouldn't have changed a thing. Like I've said before, I've struck gold in the eternal family department.

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