Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I've always been a little bit confused as to when the 2nd trimester ends. I've seen girls claim the 3rd at 27 & 28 weeks. I've found that when I push things back rather than up everything tends to move at a faster pace, so I didn't claim the 3rd until this week, and you know what? It's a glorious feeling.

Quite a few things went down during week 27 and it was a delicious one. The most exciting and important one is that one of my baby brothers opened his mission call on Saturday! He has been hoping with all of his heart that he went foreign and Spanish speaking. At first he claimed that he wouldn't go if his criteria wasn't met exactly, but eventually his sweet soul softened up and he knew that he would go wherever he was needed.

Saturday evening everyone and their dog (literally, we had 5 dogs terrorizing the house) gathered in our basement to watch him open his call. I always worry when pre-missionaries open their letters in front of lots of people because what if they're disappointed and just can't hide it. It's okay to be disappointed, for at least a second. I mean, I wouldn't have looked forward to a mission call to Iowa personally. But, Micah was brave and literally invited everyone he knew.  I was hoping and praying that 1) he would be excited about his assignment and 2) he would be here when Elles was born.

Well, I got both of my wishes. Micah will be speaking the espanol in Mexico (Acapulco is included in his mission -- we are SO going to pick him up) and he'll get to know Ellie a whole 2-3 weeks before he jets off. I couldn't contain my squeals and tears. I was one happy sister. He acts tough, but has the cutest little soft spot that I know she'll fit right into. My brother have a (super rude) running joke about how I'm telling everyone that I'm pregnant just so I can get chub. Micah said he wouldn't stop until he felt her kick. It took at good 30 minutes of coaxing, but she finally obliged. It was sweet. 

We're so proud of Micah and the decisions that he's made. He'll make a wonderful (albeit stubborn) missionary.

We'll also be counting this pic as my 27 week picture. Looking straight down, it doesn't seem like I'm that big. I'm nervous that I still have such a long way to go. I'm going to look like the good year blimp between this growing baby and my marvelous swelling abilities. Ah, such is life, right?

As far as the rest of the pregnancy, I feel so lucky. Everything is going swimmingly. I'm sleeping like a baby and have an amazing talent at not actually waking up when I have to pee. It's one of those hidden talents I suppose. I will not lie though, the high temperatures and humidity is kicking my tail, especially the humidity. It's basically a double whammy of bucket loads of sweat and horrible awful smells in small enclosed spaces. We left our dogs in the car (in the evening, calm down) only to come back to a hot box reeking of doggy breath, and not the cute puppy kind.

Ellie and I have a new game where I'll shine my phone flash light on my stomach and she'll kick at it. I find it completely amusing, her for only about 45 seconds. I'm just glad she's not all the way blind. She's getting huge, I can feel it in my bones literally. She doesn't hurt  or wake me up at night, but if I sit for too long she'll make my right ribs go numb. 

Is it weird that I wonder whose pregnant or will be pregnant with my daughter's best friends? It is weird. I know it. I'm just hoping that they're mamas that I can be friends with too. That would just make life a little more fun. I'm also jonesing to know what she looks like in a bad way. It's a pretty safe bet to say that she'll be blonde and blue eyed, but there's just too many variations that I just can't quite sit still. 

I was going to add more to this post, but that would make it ridiculously long, so I'll write another one tomorrow. I'll just leave you with this adorable little apple of my eye. Ellie is so lucky to have her as a cousin.


  1. Please give our Congrats to your cute brother! And can I say you are an adorable pregnant woman. Sooo darling!

  2. Trimesters are confusing because you would think they'd be divided evenly but 3 doesn't go into 40, and if it did they would all be about 13 weeks. But they aren't so. . . I never really know what trimester I'm in.

    I have a little brother serving in Mexico too! But not the same one. Still cool!

    Oh and I also had the talent of not waking up to pee. But in the morning it was always SUPER urgent :)