Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Rugs give me grief, and not in the cute middle-school flirty type of way. As I've mentioned before, I've been bitten by a bug and it's making me crazy for re-decorating my front room. And while I've known that it would be a slow and tumultuous process, I didn't think the rug would be in the center of it all. The one you see above is my second attempt and there are two more on the way. For some reason, I'm letting the rug set the precedence for the rest of the room. When I started my thought process I was planning on the furniture being in charge, but that's not happening either.

In the beginning, there was a couch, in the most lovely of grey colors. Then it was decided that that couch needed two white chaired companions, and I thought everything was good. Until the rug. In my mind I wanted geometric, and I wanted those geometrics to be in lovely contrasting shades of black and white. For real actual white. Did you know that (in my price range) when they say white, they actually mean extremely off white? Did you also know that stark white and extremely off white are mortal enemies? It's true.

My dreams of white chairs are slowly being dashed. Ever so slowly. Just this morning I have been scouting out off white chairs, but to no avail. Just a heads up, I'm not the cray cray lady who wants all white furniture. All couches and chairs will be from Ikea, which will include removable, washable, and replaceable covers.

I wish I had a million dollars so I could 1) pay someone to do all the work for me while I sit back and sip a peach flavored beverage and 2) buy all of my items from other places besides Urban Outfitters and Ikea. I actually love both, one just keeps conflicting with the other. So rude.

Also, I bought an obnoxiously large atlas tapestry to hang on my wall. It's much too long and will probably make the small room much too busy. 

I'm hanging it anyway. 


p.s. 90% of room and items in said room above will either be removed, changed, or painted. Or I might just leave it if I can't make up my mind.

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