Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Last night j.rue and I spend the evening watching our most beloved Cougar Town with the TWIN-laws (haha, get it?) Well, and actually J.rue was working, but he was at least in the same room. With his headphones on. Nose glued to the computer. But he was there, and that's better than most times.  After 3 rousing episodes of CT, some sinful rice krispies, and some New Girl, we decided it was time to make the trek home. It was 10:30 and way past my work week bed time. We walked out the door and I could feel tears quickly fill my eyes. It had snowed. Tons. In 3 hours. Also, we had no ice melter salt and the post-person had not been very happy with the ugly state of our sidewalks that he. He'd left a note. Not a proud moment.

We got into the car and slowly slid along to Wal-mart and got the last bag of ice melt that they had. So if you're looking for a positive, there you have it. Last bag. Oh, and back to me getting all bleary eyed, my morning commute since Monday was what it was all about. It's been painstakingly slow and slippery and slushy, and I know I live in Utah, but my friends, that wears on a person, and not in a pretty way. This storm has been relentless and it hurts a little. Each storm for the past 3 days has had it's own personality, bringing something new to the table.

By the time we got home from Wal-mart it was 11, and we decided that since it was past our bedtime anyway, why get up early to shovel? Let's do it now! So, j.rue got the shovel and I followed with the bucket with ice melt. I wanted to make it safe so that our post person will keep delivering the boxes that I so look forward too (I have some goooood stuff coming!).

After the walks were shoveled, de-iced, and deemed worthy of any mail-person's feet we took a moment to stop and admire our work. After a moment I decided that it was high time that I make a snow angel. It was lightly snowing, covering up what we had just removed of course. I was laying in the snow in my jeans and I decided that this winter and I could be friends like all the winter's past, even though this one was a little more rough around the edges. Golly, because really he sure can be dapper, especially at 11:30 at night.

And now we're okay. Spring can wait a tad bit longer.

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