Thursday, January 31, 2013


I just want to remember it. I talk all the time about wanting to write about the little happy things, and then I don't notice them. Last night was just a good night. J.rue and I snuggled under the covers, watching Once Upon a Time (so behind), whilst I wolfed down a turkey burger like a lady. Our puppies were there too, in between leg crevices or on top of heated blankets (dog magnets). Those are honestly some of my most favorite moments, snuggling as a family. Not doing anything of particular importance. It makes my heart want to burst.

And, just to leave you with something that might benefit you in some way: I just got through a really good book. One that was so good I thought about it for 3 solid days straight after I finished it. Knocked my socks off this one did. The Secret Keeper.


It has some mystery, some romance, history, some twists and turns, and it's almost 500 pages, so it's one of those that's full of beautiful details and descriptions.  I listened to it on CD because I am still dreaming of the days when I actually have time to sit down and read an actual book. A few reviews I read said that the book started out slow and they had a hard time sticking with it. I, on the other hand, was stuck in the car and didn't notice the slowness because anything is better than a radio filled commute home. If you do listen to it on CD, be warned that the narrator has a thick (and lovely) English accent that's hard to follow for the first 10 minutes or so. After listening to it for 17 disks though I started talking like her in my head and felt oh so fancy and English. Loved it.

Oh, and I had the most glorious of glorious of commutes today. Just in case you check this block out of worry for me. So kind.

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