Friday, December 7, 2012


...head on over to Target!



And if I'm being totally honest, the Target brand is comfier, and I'm not just saying that because. As much as I hate to admit it, I almost bought the Cece flat from J.crew, but they were not $140 comfortable. Neither are the Target brand ones, but they waaay surpass the $40 comfortablilty. The only downsize is that the Target brand only comes in 4 colors. I also found a comparable swim suit last summer. Target Lova Fo Life!

In other news the 2nd annual Kwallek family Harry Potter marathon begins this Saturday. We tried to watch them all on Christmas day last year. Obv, that didn't work. Did you know it's 19 total hours, and that's not including the special features? So the marathon will be more of a series of sprints. I'm especially excited because I ordered the blu ray box set. From Europe. For $40. With 3 extra disks for special features. I'm also sure that if you didn't want to be my friend before you are dying to be now. It's okay. We totally can be.

If you're in the market for the HP series (Melinda) order them from the UK Amazon. Why? It's cheaper and it comes with more stuph. Because Harry Potter likes them better. Probably cause he's from there. Just make sure that is says "region free" if you do order it from there or I heard it won't work.

Harry says have a nice weekend.

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