Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Last night I was lucky enough to go and visit one of my favorite people and her sweet baby in the hospital. Heidi and I have been friends since our freshman year of college. We ran wild together Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights and then managed to have many a sleepover in one of our twin beds. We have the same sometimes grouchy demeanor, love clothes, and are uncanny look-alikes to boot. If we have a quarter for every time someone asked us if we were sisters we'd be living the life of luxury. We even got the twin question a couple of times.

Anywho, she had her sweet baby boy, Holden, on Monday and I couldn't wait to get over to see both of them. Holden is the cutest, tiniest, sweetest baby ever and the feet! Oh! baby feet. You know? I might have tried to sneak him out of the hospital, but then I found out that they have sensors attached the their leg until they check out that would set off alarms if I tried to leave the wing, and I didn't feel like putting the hospital on lock down.

We decided that if I had a girl in the near future that a marriage would be arranged so that we could be for real related. Because, aren't arranged marriages the best marriages? Mothers know best. Now, I just need to get brave enough to get one of my own.

I love love love Heidi and can't wait to watch her become the awesome mommy I know she can be. I know this because she mothered me though my first year of college. Really.

After the baby visit I headed over to Jeremy's cousin, Cecilee's wedding reception. Unfortunately, she was so popular that night I couldn't sneak her into a picture. Just know that she looked beautiful, like all brand new brides do. Of course I did a lot of hanging out with my little buddy Brookie. I don't know what I would do without that sweet spunky baby. I really really don't.

We loved catching up with family we don't see too often and as you can see, Jeremy loved the food. Smoked salmon from Alaska, who wouldn't???

As for me, I'm just happy it's finally sweater weather. I love the time in between hot and freezing cold days -- you know where you can still wear a sweater but not scrape your windshield in the morning? Glorious.


  1. You are blogging again! Also, you look good with a baby.....

  2. I'm so glad you're back to blogging! I love reading your posts!!!

    1. Thanks! I love reading yours too! I just can't wait to see baby Olivia!!!