Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Oh my, I just really don't know what my problem is. I read about 47 blogs per day, serious. Bloglovin is a lovely little time waster, isn't it. Every time I read one of those 47 blogs I think, I should totally just write a blog post. easy peasy. But then I don't. I'm ready to write again. I've been looking though past years of blog posts and am actually kind of sad about the little everyday things that I've neglected to write down.

So, here I am now, all decided up that I'm going to record the little things so when I look back (maybe after a few years of crying babies) I can say, oh yeah, j.rue and I actually did eat brownies and watch tv snuggled up in the basement. p.s. we did that last night. I love the invention on hulu and netflix on the good 'ol xbox. We're just never home on time to catch those few many shows that we I love to watch.

To back track a little bit, here's what's been going on, through the phone of course because I just have this thing with uploading photos from my actual camera that we spent waaaay too much on that I barely use. J.rue likes to remind me on that once in a while.

moving on...

We go on many dates an experience exquisite dining and riveting conversation. See my plate? It's 97% refried beans, 2% cheese and 1% tortilla. I'm not ashamed.

I've gotten to spend lots of extra time with this baby and her mama since they've moved closer. It's probably my favorite thing that's happened in the past 2 months. They're pretty much my best buddies that I tell everything to. ANNNNNDDDD look.at.that.face.

...and now I'll brag. This is the am time that I pulled into the gym parking lot last week. and this week actually. A girl's gotta burn off those refried beans and cheese.

J.rue had a birthday. I decorated the cake, obviously I put a lot of effort into this little boxed number and it's clothing of tubbed frosting. I'm accepting orders.

Our evenings mostly look like this these days (except I've made an end of the year resolution to make our bed EVERY DAY. Most days that means coming home from work and making it. J.rue finds that to be a waste of time. I find it to be glorious and fulfilling). J.rue works ridiculous hours sometimes, so there is nothing we like more than hunkering down into bed and watching our separate shows right next to each other. Now, if that's not quality time, I don't know what is.

Oh, I also loved my husband enough to blow up all 20 balloons and decorate so very lavishly. Please notice that my actual camera is hiding in this photo (on the right, first bar chair, green case). It totally makes sense that I would take a picture with my phone when my actual camera is so ready and willing, right?

I was honored to be chose as a bridesmaid for my lovely friend. I looked a little haggard at this point (my hair loathes being put into curls of any kind). So, yet another picture of j.rue on the U of U football field. Now, if we had been on BYU's field, I think we would have had a much different face.

We ran another color run, this time with the Kwallek/Lasater Clan. Super ton loads of fun, but a note for next year: Color Me Rad was waaaay better color wise. Stupid name, better color. Remember that. Oh, and let's notice how excited Micah (tough guy on the right) was to be there that day. He's obviously the family cheerleader.

Lastly, I'll leave you with my greatest discovery of the year. Best candy of my life. I'm pretty sure I ate a bag every day for a whole week straight. Now I try to keep it to a bag every other week. I know. I know. Just go get some.


  1. lol I personally love boxed cakes, they taste a lot better than store bought :)

  2. I missed you blogging a lot! Welcome back :)

  3. I missed you blogging a lot! Welcome back :)

    1. Thank you! I'm glad to see that someone is still reading :)