Monday, June 25, 2012

Oh, those weekends.

It was a good one, it really was. I think this was one of the first weekends in about a month that we were totally on our own schedule. Oh, how I love being on my own schedule in the summer. They just go together, don't they?

Friday night looked a little like this:

Double date to Zupas. Isn't j.rue just the handsomest? But really, he is.

Followed by some dress up with Brookie Jayde. That little walker won't stand still long enough for a picture EVER, but boy is she cute.

Then we made some amazing monster cookies. Brookie helped by getting the cookie dough to room temp.

Yes, there are only two cookies on that whole cookie sheet. Yes, there was cookies and cream ice cream in the vanilla ice cream carton. Yes, you should go and make these cookies ASAP.

The rest of the evening was spent chatting and sleeping on j.rue's part. What a little party pooper.

Then came Saturday:

J.rue started taking out our very unruly bushes and found a tree growing right in the middle of them. This is maybe a good time to admit that we don't spend much time on our yard...

Then the brothers came over to head down to 7 peaks with us. Of course, we had to stop and have an 11 am lunch at Mickey D's. Because, can you think of any reason why not? I surely can't.

7 peaks was about as crowded as can be, but it makes for good people watching, plus it was 100 degrees. Where else are you supposed to hang out when it's so blasted HOT? We spent the majority of the time in the wave pool and the lazy river. Many good talks were had in that lazy river.

...and this is what we looked like when we got home. Needless to say, we took a large family nap and then ended the night with Wingers, and then we slept some more.

I don't have any pictures from Sunday, but that was lovely as well.  Lots of cuddling, puppy walking, and sheet washing was involved. I didn't mind it one bit.

I can tell that this week is going to be a good one BECAUSE...I curled my hair yesterday, woke up, went walk/jogging (because let's be honest, I don't run) and took my hair down and it was still curled. I didn't have to do a dang thing to it. And that, my friends, is a sign of a fantastic week to come.

Dear Mr. Week - please go by fast.

love, the residents of ruesch manor

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