Friday, June 22, 2012

link love

Well fancy meeting you here! It's supposed to be a hot one this weekend and I fully plan on spending as many hours as possible in the pool, and by that I mean in the actual water. I'm not one of those crazies that can sit on a towel all day and soak in the sun. My skin can handle that for about 19.7 minutes and then I'm fried. I'm also hoping for j.rue to take me to The Lucky One Saturday at the theater by our house. Oh, how that Zac Efron makes me swoon. That's about all! Here are some links for your lovely weekend. Have a good one!

Do you love the smell of a new book?

training plan

smelly pits

summer skincare

body image

sunblock soapbox

I'll take 2 please.

sweet anticipation?

Lastly, I've been obsessing over these sandals that I've been seeing and I can't find them ANYWHERE - not even online. The only clue that I've gotten is that someone told me they got a pair in Hawaii, but they didn't know the brand. SO, I will give you my best description and maybe someone can help me out? Okay, here we go...

dark brown leather(I don't know if it's real or plastic-ey?) and it has kind of  a texture to it. They're slip on and have two straps across the toes going horizontal. Anyone? Anyone?

I will send you a present in the mail if you can tell me. pinky promise!

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