Wednesday, April 4, 2012

delectable, heavenly, lavish, LUSH, scrumptious

I've found it you guys. Ready for it....

The perfect shampoo/conditioner {S&C} combination. Here's the lineup:

I know, I know. I'm a bit obsessive about things, but I just can't help it. It's just such exciting news. BIG is a funny little shampoo that gives big boost to limp locks {like mine}. The best thing about it? It has pieces of sea salt that tickles the scalp and massages away all of your worries, at least hair related worries. Then we follow with the Veganese conditioner, super light, super delicious smelling.

While I was in the store making the life changing decision of which S&C to purchase, a cute sales girl kindly offered to help me {you know how I am with cute sales girls} and told me all of the amazing things this combo would do for my hair. Of course it took all of 3 seconds to convince me and I was out the door...with an additional hair treatment and an extra bath bomb too. You've heard me say it before, I'm a sales girl's dream. It drives j.rue nuts, he believes that if a sales girl tried to sell me a turd I would probably buy it. I say not unless it can do amazing things for me.

Lucky for me though, this sales girl did not lead me astray. I love cute sales girls who know their stuff. If you live near a LUSH {they're opening another one in Fashion Place Mall this month!}I would go in and get some samples. They looooove giving out samples. Really. They told me about 15 times. Tomorrow I'll have a link to the best hair treatment, so stay tuned.

On a totally unrelated note; Kohls has some dang cute shoes right now. I'm partial to these wedges. Now I just have to figure out what they would go with so I can justify them. 

Also, I wanted to relieve your worries and tell you that we didn't really park in Kohl's "superstar of the month" parking spot {pictured above}. That would just be plain rude.


  1. LOVE LUSH!! All of their products smell so amazing! I also think your shoes are darling :)

  2. They do, you can smell the store about a mile away! Thanks for the comment!

  3. Lush is awesome! We have one here in okc and its HUSBAND that loves the bath bombs lol

  4. Lush is awesome! We have one here in okc and its HUSBAND that loves the bath bombs lol

  5. i love, love lush!
    i just found out that there is a store around my neighborhood that carries almost all of their products and i can't wait to poke my nose into that store!
    xx jes

  6. They are fun aren't they? I think I need to break down and buy them :)

    Alex - I think that if I let my hubby get his hands on some of mine he would be hooked too!