Monday, March 26, 2012

Gosh, Mondays come quickly around here.

We've arrived at Monday all too soon.

Are you tired of me talking about City Creek yet? Okay I'll stop. Really. Right after this: Melinda and I made it into LUSH Friday night -- of course they were out of the things that we really wanted so we're going back tonight. It's kind of an evil store. That was all, I'm done. Promise.

Look at that sweet baby -- she's pretty much not a baby anymore and that makes us kind of sad.

This was pretty much our weekend in a nutshell. Saturday I got to go to lunch with the sweetest girl and we chatted for a couple of hours. We'll do it again soon Jos! Later that day Melinda and I perused Target {favorite} and Old Navy, oh we love shopping {mostly talking} together. Weekending at it's best.

40 days until j.rue graduates!

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