Monday, February 13, 2012

Chicken Wire

Friday morning I managed to rip the bumper halfway off of my car. I think it had to do with a combination of staying up until 2:30 in the morning, waking up 15 minutes later than I usually do, and being a little bit too scared of the dark. I was not going to write about this, but I figured hey, this is kind of a family journal PLUS I did blog about when J.rue's car had a run in with a fence. Marriage is both give and take.

Speaking of j.rue, he was the sweetest a husband could be after said incident. He let me cry, told me it wasn't my fault {when it totally was}and then figured out how to fix it. Then right after work on Saturday j.rue and his dad spent a solid two hours sewing my bumper back together and back on with some trusty chicken wire. It was fantastically less expensive than a new bumper and I'm thinking of starting a new chicken wire trend. Who wants to join me? Trust me, it's very in vogue.

While j.rue was at work I took a little trip to Manti/Ephraim area with my asst. camp director to check out a couple of possible girls camp sites. It was about 5 hours round trip BUT there was lots of good chatting, food, and walks down memory lane. It was so nice to have that time to really get to know each other. Together, I'm sure we'll be able to plan and pull off a killer camp! By the end of the trip we'd settled on Palisades, and I am SO SO excited! There's great space, a lake, and showers, which in my opinion are musts.

Girls camp director isn't one of those callings that I'd ever considered getting, but then again neither was primary chorister. Both scared the bajeebers out of me in the beginning, but I ended up loving being the chorister, so I'm sure I will enjoy this calling just as much. It is still kind of weird to be back in YW when I haven't even been out for 5 years. I'm sure that I'll be mistaken as one of the YW more than once. But, it's a compliment, right? Yes, I think so.

The rest of the weekend was spent sleeping, eating, and watching netflix. We live a good life my friends. No complaints here.

Totally unrelated: From extensive observation I think it is safe to say that the illness has been eradicated from Ruesch Manor {finally}Three Cheers!!! Unfortunately, that also means that I need to kick my bum into healthy food plus work-out mode again. Oh the woes of being healthy.

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