Monday, January 23, 2012

St. G

J. Rue and I spend the weekend
in St. George. It was a quick trip, but it was nice to see our family and relax. We left Friday night around, oh, 8:30 pm and I knew it was going to be a long night, well at least in my granny-go-to-bed-at-9:30-mind. My mom started the first leg of driving and I knew that J. Rue would be out of the driving line-up. You see, J has a 10 pm driving curfew strictly enforced by yours truly. His eyelids seems to gain 100 lbs each the second he gets in the drivers seat past his curfew, so after 10 I'm his chauffeur. I think it's kind of cute.

I love road trips. I have the best conversations and do some of my best thinking in the car  when everyone is asleep. I was upfront with my mom for the first bit and we talked about work, marriage&dating, babies, shopping, school, nail polish, FOOD, diet, exercises, people with no common sense, you get the idea. Drifting conversations are fantastic. We also rediscovered the awesomeness that is my itunes library. I have the bad habit of listening the one playlist over and over and then moving on to a new one. I have lots of hidden gems in there; we shuffled through Barbara Streisand, Toploaders, Priscilla Ahn, Lionel Richie, Taylor Swift, GLEE!, rhcp, nsync, and mazzy star to name a few. 

After a while my mom told me to take a nap because I would be taking us into St. G and it was getting late {granny brain}. I tried to get comfy in the front seat -- which is nearly impossible, and then my mind started running like CRAZY, this time about babies. No sleep for me. It went kind of like this: What will our babies look like? Boy or girl first? Bum chins all around {j.rue has a bum chin if ya didn't know}? Curly or straight hair? Tall or short? Whiners like their mom or totally distracted like their dad? I'm obsessed with baby looks. Ever since I was little I was determined to marry someone with similar features to me so I would for sure that had babies that looked like me. I think this is such a big deal because I don't look too much like my family being adopted an all. Actually, people always tell me I look like my youngest brother, but we don't REALLY. I still love his oodles and bunches none the less. 

Then I got into; will I decide to stay home? work part-time? How could I swing that at my awesomely awesome job right now? When will I fit in that master's degree? Way to much to think about. Then I got into girls camp. Oh girls camp, I am sure that you will take up all my spare thoughts, dreams, and pinterest boards for the next 6 months. Then my mom tapped my shoulder and told me that it was my turn to drive.

I loaded up on the necessities for late night driving: energy drink, those gross but oh so delicious and addicting orange slices, and the Haribo mini frogs SO GOOD. And we were off, and my mind started again. babies, work, school, camp, repeat. for 2.5 hours. I quite enjoyed it. I figured out many master plans and solved many of the worlds problems in 2.5 hours. Oh, and I managed to sing out loud during the whole thing, am I talented or am I talented?

Oh, and the actual St. G part was pretty good too. Brunch with friends -- who we miss a TON!, shopping, french fries, cookies, bubble tea , amazing sushi, late night cousin talks in bed, squeaky air mattresses, raspberries, a fantastic farewell talk, farewell food, and HOME. It was glorious. 

I'll post pictures tomorrow. For real.

Please bless that I'll be productive this week. PLEASE.

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