Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I am I list person. I love lists. I thrive off of lists. Lists {in any shape or form} make me happy. I'm sure most of you have heard of the 'photo-a-day' challenges that are going around lots of blogs and I figured that I'd jump on the bandwagon, especially since it comes with a LIST!

This 'photo-a-day' comes from Fat Mum Slim, she put out a Jaunuary, but I missed it. So, I am very excited to tackle and conquer this list! Unfortunately, I am not one of the blessed that owns an iphone. Instead I will be pulling out my gigantic ipad to take pictures {don't judge me -- they don't have instagram for android yet and t-mobile doesn't have iphones yet} 

I would love it if you followed me! My user name is @chelseablythe, same as my twitter account. I haven't gotten super into instagram for the sheer fact that I feel like a big dumb-o taking pictures with my ipad, but if you promise not to snicker behind my back, I may reconsider.

One last list that has sparked a fire inside my britches is this LIST 

-- it's a day-by-day, page number guide to finishing ALL of the standard works in 365 days. Can you imagine?!? reading the whole book of {LDS} scriptures in 365 days? Blew my mind. PLUS, a fantastic way for me to go above and beyond my goals for 13 by 2013. Makes my innards tickle with delight.

Oh, and have I mentioned that as much as I luurve lists, I'm also not super great at sticking to them? You're supposed to start on Jan. 1st and I'm only on Jan 5th BUT I figure I'll just finish right before Feb. of next year. Still awesome? Yes sir-ee. You can download this pdf HERE. If you do it on your ipad, it will even download to your ibooks, I thought it was neat.

So whose with me? Anyone want to join me in February's photo-a-day or domination of the standard works? Please do!

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