Friday, January 27, 2012

If all Fridays were like Saturdays...

This is a test collage since dumb Picnik is shutting down, I'm trying to wean myself, but so far, no luck! If anyone knows of another easy photo editing website I obligate you to tell me NOW! And yes, I know that there are double pictures in the collage, again if you know of a good online photo editing website, PLEASE TELL ME!!!

Things that are making me happy today:

- I have today off work. I am really loving working the extra hour a day to have a whole day off. Please and thank you.
- I am listening to the "movie scores" channel on Pandora and one of the songs from Riverdance is playing. Nothing, I tell you, NOTHING gets me more pumped more? My dad was always a fan of the riverdance growing up and I took it upon myself to show him that he had his very own riverdancer, me. I was very good at keeping up with their quicksteps. It must be recorded somewhere.
- Last night j.rue and I headed off to the classy but casual Kaysville dollar theater. It was my turn to pick the movie and I'm thinking puss in boots. Yes.
- I have been sleeping fantastically -- am I'm pretty sure it's because I'm back on a supplement regimen, dang you expensive supplements!
-Speaking of sleep -- I am a puppy magnet in bed. Coop likes to go behind my knees {I'm a side sleeper} and Mag is the little spoon. Sandwiched. I love magoop snuggles.
- I've found the perfect light pink lip color combo:


I'm probably on my way to my SIL's and most favorite niece's house {with Carl in tow} as we speak , via the front runner, my arch nemesis.

See you Monday!

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