Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Romeo and Juliet type story...kind of.

Okay, that title may be a tiny bit dramatic, but I've decided that today, the universe loves me. Let me tell you why...

I have been kicking myself for not working out during my lunch break the past week or so. Since I've been bringing my lunch everyday I didn't need food so I really had no excuse. So today I was planning on going to the field house to exercise during my lunch break, noble of me right? Well I get to said field house and I kid you not was taken, even the meters. At 1:35 in the afternoon, dang students. Work would be so much easier without them. So would not having a job. {I love you students!}

Then my mind got thinking and I remembered that there were a reaaally cute pair of flats that I wanted to oogle at Old Navy. By the way, they are these:

Anywho, I got to ON , walked in, made a lap, and then was about to start a second one {in the opposite direction, as to not miss anything} and I was stopped dead in my tracks... 

Back story: a while ago I was browsing anthropologie, yes that really expensive place where I can only afford to buy bowls. While there I stumbled across this beauty:
I picked it up and decided that we were soul mates, meant to be, created for each other in the heavens, you get the idea right? Then I looked at the price tag {which I usually DON'T do to avoid heart attacks and bouts of depression } and saw $244.00 screaming at me, telling me, "yeah right blondie, in your wildest dreams." It did, ask j.rue. Or maybe it was he who said that? I can't quite remember now.  Obviously not in our budget, not in the least bit. So, I set my leather lover down and sadly, we said our goodbyes. 

Okay back to my current story...I was stopped dead in my tracks and saw my star-crossed lover's younger brother {younger as in  fake faux leather and stripe in the wrong spot, obv} but none the less, still just as beautiful in my eyes. I picked him up, held my breath, and checked the price tag. $24.50 Hot dog! I had myself a soul mate purse. 

Again, with the neon&neutrals, loving it. I think I'll name my faux leather lover Carlyle, because {faux} leather lovers need names too right? I've been on an accessory male-naming streak, just last week I named my silhouette Carl. Actually, maybe it's just a Carl obsession? Hm...I'll look deeper into that and let you know. 

St. G Pictures tomorrow, really for reals. The post is written, pictured, and scheduled. I, on the other hand will be away from the computer doing things one does on her day off.

Happy {early} weekend!

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