Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I feel pretty, oh so pretty!

Yesterday I slept in late, like until I was technically supposed to leave for work. I am a lover of sleep and squeeze every precious moment out of my pillow that I can. It's becoming a problem. Really. My alarm goes off 3 times in the morning. Once at 5 am {when I'm supposed to get up and work out -- HA!}. Second at 6 am {when I'm supposed to get up and have enough time to get ready}. Third, 6:33 am {when I am supposed to be pulling out of my driveway to work}. Between 6 and 6:33 I strategically plan out what I'm going to wear, where all said clothes and shoes are, and the fastest way to do my hair. Then I scramble out of bed, throw on my clothes, turn on my car, stick a frozen waffle in the toaster, do my hair {AKA messy bun 99.9% of the time}, peanut butter said waffle, grab bags and run out the door by 6:50. Sounds fun, right?

Kind of if you like the rush of racing the clock, but really, who does? Did you notice that there was no make-up involved in that morning routine? Also no shower, but don't worry I do that at night, I've wisened up. Well, I kind of hate it. I like looking and feeling pretty, it makes me happy and productive, funny how that works. All through high school, college, and ... post college? Is that what this chapter of my life is called? Anyway, I've been off and on with prettying myself up. I love the feeling, but hate the time. Oh boy do I hate the time. Sad thing with me is it only takes me less than 10 minutes to gussy up and I'm still not willing to be consistent. Last May I thought I had found the answer to all of my make-up woes, eyelash extensions. I found the best girl to do them. Couple of problems though, {1} my lashes are shedders, I was getting those puppies refilled every 2 weeks. {2} We're still poor, tuition has not been kind to us over the years. But, I still stand by the fact that EDUCATION IS A NECESSITY, stepping off soap box now. {3} I couldn't rub or really wash my eyes very well/easily and if you can't tell by now I'm all about the convenience. So, the eyelash extension era ended with much sadness, some tears, and naked eyes.

Remember how I said that I love lists? I'm still planning on starting the photo a day in February, but I'm also going to start getting up at at least 6 am so that I can have enough time to gussy myself up for the day. Really, it's that important to me. I can do anything for 29 days, right? I just want to see how it goes, let's call it a science experiment. I will get ready first thing every.single.day. You're a lucky man j.rue. Maybe I shall call it Flirty February, it being Valentines Day Month and all. Maybe not. Oh, before I forget. See that picture up there? Yes that one. Do stripes, checks, and tiny grey elephants go together? I'm mostly asking about the stripes and checks, tiny grey elephants go with everything in my opinion. Really, tell me. I need to know because I see lots of people everyday and I can't be the crazy adviser who doesn't know the rules of stripes and checks. So tell me, please?

To keep me motivated throughout this pretty month of February, I plan on adding a little accessory to my everyday beauty routine. I'll tell you about it tomorrow. Oh, you want a hint? Okay I'll give you one: It has to do with your blinkers. And if you're thinking "blinkers" could possibly be boobs -- well, you're wrong my friend, but we have very similar though processes. If you didn't think that then you are most likely more intelligent and of cleaner mind. That is all.

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