Monday, January 2, 2012

thirteen by 2013 -- a list of goals NOT resolutions

Preface: First off, I got this idea from The Small Things Blog. Unfortunately {I feel like I've been writing this word a TON in my emails to students...sad for them}, I'm not a very clever gal and get most, if not all, of my ideas for all things bloggy from other fabulous bloggers. Don't lie, so do you.

Second, I have decided to dissipate the word "resolution" from my vocabulary Everyone always talks about how their R*%!@&%^#} last until the 3rd week of January and then are forgotten until December 26th, which is usually true. Especially in my case. ESPECIALLY. So, I've decided to go with a better suited word: goals, 13 to be exact. Well, hopefully. I haven't exactly written them yet...

Anyway, without further ado, I give to you {in 3 parts, no particular order, and of course with unnecessarily long explanations}:

1. Date night with J once a week, every week.
We've talked about this since before we were married and are not very good at doing it. We spend lots of time together, but it's usually either with other people or on the same bed next to each other with our noses in our laptops. Obviously, neither of these things count. I don't care if it's on Monday night for FHE or a walk on a Sunday afternoon, this is happening!

2. Read the Book of Mormon all the way through -- by myself.
Okay folks, I have a confession, and it's sad. I've never read the BOM all the way through. I know, I don't understand it either. I've always had a hard time reading the scriptures and honestly don't have the strongest of them. Again, sad. That's why I'd like to do it by myself, so I can stay at my own pace.

3. Start a physical hand-written family journal.
I know this blog is kind of a family journal, but lets be honest, I talk more about things I like, love, and must have more than what we did on the weekend. This journal will be more specific and special. My SIL has a great idea on her blog that I'm totally stealing {see? so un-original}.

4. Keep. Up. On. My. Dang. Laundry.
My arch nemesis! The bane of my existence! Satan himself! There really is no explanation or excuse for this one, I just need to do it. Throwing stuff in the wash. DONE. Putting it in the dryer. FINE. Folding? 98% of the time if you stick a movie in. I get caught at the putting away of the actual clothing. Darn you pretty folded clothing!

5. Become a master organizer.
The experts tell you when making goals to keep them measurable, manageable, and specific, none of which this goal is. This is more a talent that I want to develop -- more like create, then develop -- that's beside the point. Plus, my basement is such a scary disaster that I can't even use 80% of it. This is more of a need, actually. I want to be so dang good at organizing that by the end of the year that YOU, yes you, will be asking ME for organizing advice.

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