Friday, December 9, 2011

Two new favorites

I've recently discovered two new make-up products that you should run out and buy THIS WEEKEND. Yes, you heard me right, this weekend. Side note: a lot of you have probably already heard/are using these things, but just in case...

The first one is MAC Cleanse Off Oil.

{find at nordstrom or macys}

I think it's one of my most favorite products ever. When I first heard about it I decided that there was no way I was putting anymore oil on my oil slick of a face, but then I watched a YouTube review on it, and had to try it. Is anyone else obsessed with watching make-up tutorials on YouTube?

I've always used the Neutrogena make-up remover wipes, but they irritate my eyes and I feel like I loose a ton of lashes when I rub off my mascara. With this stuff you pump 2 squirts {this stuff will last FOREVER!} in your hand and rub on your face dry. I rub my eyes last so I don't get mascara all over my face. Then, you add warm water and it turns into a cream and you rinse off. My face feels so nice when I'm done, and I actually feel like it's clean after I use my actual face wash. Good stuff!

Second is the Revlon Lip Butter:

I found mine at a local Target, but they were pretty picked over. Good sign right? It looks like a lipstick, but it's shiny, moisturizing, and has just enough pigment. I don't usually get stuff like this at drugstores {because you can't try it before you buy it -- we all know how that usually turns out} but I had heard so many good things about these. The rumors were true, they don't disappoint! My favorites are the Strawberry Shortcake and Peach Parfait.

One last thing...Some of our friends introduced us to La Cai Noodle House and I was so excited when I found Pho on the menu. It's another one of those things that people have been raving about forever that I'm finally getting to try. Again, the rumors were true, so good!

Okay, that's all for today! Have a great weekend!

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