Friday, May 4, 2012

Link Love


We made it to yet another week! Did this one feel particularly long and painful to anyone else? I about died when I hit Wednesday. This weekend we'll be celebrating j.rue's graduation successes by...working till 3:30. The both of us. On a Saturday. How did that even happen? I can tell you one thing, we are starting our summer bucket list tomorrow, at promptly 4:03 pm. We have about 70 things to get through so we need to get started. This is serious business my friends. I'll post it sometime next week, aaannndd here's some links to get you thru the weekend:

- gosh, I am in love with these nurseries

heart-warming wedding stories

- basically the cutest thing ever.

- awesomely awesome and creepily creepy {just the guy in the middle}, plus I have a crush on this song.

- i must own this book one day. Preferably in English, but I'll take any language, really.

- kind of loving this website

- can't get over her blog. it may have moved into my top 5.


- do you know what frustrating? not being able to buy this single song on itunes. I'm considering paying $9.95 just to get it. Just kidding j.rue. kind of.

- oh, and speaking of him, he's coming to SLC to serenade me, for $15. anyone wanna come?

- i wish Thanksgiving was once a month.


- i want every last one of these

- what would you do if this was YOUR toddler?

J.rue graduates tonight! tonight! tonight! I still just can't get over it.


  1. Chels! The Greg Laswell song is on Spotify! Only 10 bucks a month for all the songs you want :) and I listen to that one all the time!

  2. That is SO exciting... I wish I had graduated last night. I'm ready for mine to just be over with!

    Thanks for your blogging love. I know that you can do the photo challenge! It's lots of fun.