Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Valentines Post

Look at me posting just about two weeks after the actual event, WAY better than Christmas, eh? As I mentioned a few posts earlier James, Melinda, Jeremy and I went down to Provo for a Mindy Gledhill concert. {if you still haven't listened to any of her stuff, PLEASE go and listen to THIS}

I would have posted pictures, but my sweet puppy is sleeping on my lap and I just don't have it in me to wake her up and move. Yes, it's love.

We were super excited when we sat down, with cupcake in hand of course. We listened to the opening singer, Libby Linton. She had a really dreamy voice, I enjoyed it. Then Mindy came out on the stage in her coat and a jamba juice and told us that she had basically no singing voice. I was so sad, and my left leg almost went completely numb because Melinda was latched on out of nervousness ; ) Just kidding, but really.

She said she was going to still do the show, but that it would go a little differently than expected. It was more of a sing-a-long. I don't know how many of you know this, but I am an enthusiastic supporter of sing-a-longs! I love singing along to pretty much anything I know the words too. Good for me, bad for any innocent bystanders. I was a little bummed at first, but loved the idea of getting to sing ALL of her songs.

So, the concert went on...I think we sang every song on her new CD. It was magical and I love her and her songs even more. Before some of the songs she explained the stories behind the songs. She is just as fabulous as her voice.

Now, on to the best part....

We're FAMOUS!!!

Okay, not really. But, we did make it onto Mindy's Blog. It's kind of a Where's Waldo, but we're there in the audience. Go find us, we're right in the middle!

So, all in all, awesome Valentines Day. I mean, I got to kiss my hubby a ton and sing for an hour straight IN PUBLIC!!! Could I ask for more?

I think not.

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