Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the Ruesch's!

I am just going to apologize in advance, this is going to be a picture OVERLOAD! If you read my post yesterday I said that I was going to share my christmas decor favorites. Well I started going camera crazy and then decided that it was all my favorite. I went a little over the top but this is technically our first Christmas since I didn't get to decorate last year. We were dealing with the basement flood of the century. Yes, it's a little much, but enjoy anyway : )

 Our Christmas Tree...I'm actually a white christmas tree light gal, but we happened to loose our white light christmas tree. Don't ask me how. So, we found this colored light one in the shed. I guess the saying goes losers can't be choosers : ) Sorry, that was lame...keep reading please.

Growing up we never used colored lights on anything. Jeremy convinced me to use colored lights outside and then got lucky with the Christmas Tree this year. I really like the colored lights outside. I think they'll be around next year, but the colored tree definitely has to go.

This is our entryway, the piano is right across from the front door. I love these two spots in the house, they just seem cozy to me. In a few pictures down you can see more of the detail.

This first picture is our tree topper and I'm obsessed. I think it is single-handedly one of the cutest things ever. Thank you Anthropologie.

If you can't tell by these pictures of love Christmas trees of all kind - I really do. I had to stop myself from buying more and add more variety. Oh, and that book is fake {obviously} but the first thing Jeremy said when he saw it was "what can we hide in here." So if you plan on robbing our home during the Christmas season don't look in our fake books.

Growing up we always read the Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve as a family. I've wanted the book for my own but could never find the style I wanted. Finally at Costco of all places I found the perfect one by Jan Bret. I love her illustrations and hope that one day my children will love her as much as I do.

These are the newest addition to the Ruesch ornament collection. We'll add to it every year. Aren't they adorable. Again, thank you Anthropologie. The 'P' is from the banner above the piano, which I purchased from Etsy. If you haven't discovered Etsy yet please do yourself a favor and go NOW. Words cannot describe.

My grandma gave me the Good Yule tile last year. I thought it was a little creepy, but the cute little elves have grown on my and like I said earlier I love Christmas Trees!

We can't forget one of the most important decorations...our stockings! I'm sure you can tell which one is Coops : ) Jeremy thinks it's a little pathetic looking---I think Cooper loves it. Yes our dog has a stocking, don't judge. And last but not least, since we don't have a chimney we have to make sure Santa can get in!

Whew, okay if you made it through all of this go give yourself a gold star, seriously. I really am not super into myself or my house, promise. I just wanted to show you everything that makes me so excited!

We hope you season is as merry and bright!


  1. very very cute...love it all! especially love the books.

  2. It looks so cute, Chelsea. I love your "peace on earth" banner!

  3. Such an adorable house! Where did you get all of your decorations? I know I've only been married a year but I have hardly any.

  4. My favorite places to go are Tai Pan and Real Deals in Layton. They have the cutest stuff and they're not too pricey!

    Thank you!