Thursday, April 25, 2013


This post is supposedly part of a series I've concocted in my head. Maybe the series will continue, maybe not. We all know I'm not good at following through on this blog. I basically just start typing and usually surprise myself with what comes out of my fingers. Names have always been fun to me though, so I'm guessing it will be a theme. I'd also like to apologize to anyone who doesn't enjoy my baby posts. I've tried to write about other things, but like I mentioned above, I don't always have control over it.

Ever since I was in junior high I would spend my Sundays at church doing one or all of the following: practicing my signature, making dream catchers (or whatever those folded paper fortune tellers are called), and writing out my future kids names. Thinking back I'm pretty sure I was set on Ava, because of Reese Witherspoon of course. Let's just say Legally Blonde defined a big chunk of my pre-teen and teenage years. I'm pretty sure Jeremy's naming history BC (before Chelsea) was notta, but I haven't ever asked.

Ever since j.rue and I got married I've made him talk about names with me. In the car, at church (I can't help it?), before we go to bed. He's always kindly gone along with it, but never got super into it. This kind of worried me. Not really, it mostly just annoyed me that he wasn't as enthusiastic, but can you blame him? We won't even have this b.rue until we are almost 5 years married. This conversation is basically a tale as old as time.

We've always agreed on girls names easily, well, except that he shot my long lived dream of one day having a daughter named Ava down in about 1 second, and even changed our minds at the same time. We've been through Carly, Chloe, Kylie, Kaylie (do you see a pattern?), and that's just the short list. Boys names on the other hand, have not come quite as easily. I'll throw something out and j.rue will wrinkle up his nose and say, "you actually like that name?" At one point in time I think we agreed on Jackson and would call him Jack and another time McKay. But for every other name that I pleaded my case on, no bueno. Like not willing to budge and inch. Well there are a few exceptions, but I'll get into that another time.

Funny thing is, I don't know if we'll ever have girls. I wouldn't be surprised if I was the only queen ofRuesch Manor. Unfortunate that we we have enough girl names to outfit an army, isn't it? But boy, oh boy, I know that we will have lots of boys. I just know. If you want to know why, you are welcome to ask me, but just know, that I know. Like I've mentioned before, my mother wished another son upon me every time I was mean to one of my poor, defenseless brothers (I hope that you're picking up on the sarcasm here). I hope they know how much free babysitting they'll be doing for me if this comes to pass. But we'll be having lots of boys.

I hope this I don't sound as if I'm dreading all of the luscious little boys that will be joining our family. I'm not. I actually find baby boys much for sturdy and a lot less scary, though I will need to purchase one of those pee pee tee pees. I heard boys are harder to potty train. I'm excited for the brotherhood that will develop within our family and I'm excited to be the mommy who will fuel their creative games of pirates and dinosaurs and kiss their scraped knees better. I also know that I'll  be less tempted spend more on boy clothing, just because for the most part, little boys should be outfitted in t-shirts and shorts. No shoes required.

So just to review, I am creative and open minded with names and j.rue is a closed off little turd. Not really, we've made leaps and bounds on boy names. But I can't give away the big secrets yet, not even the short list of possibilities. I mean, what would keep you coming back for more?

Also, another obsession of mine as of late? Swistle, the baby naming expert. It's just interesting but also gives great suggestions that you may not have considered before.

p.s. I'm adding extra pictures of the fur babies as of late so they don't feel left out.


  1. I hate to break it to you- but I have 2 boys and 2 girls and those two girls have peed on me countless times, the boys? Once. and that's between both of them. So, a tee pee may not be needed :-)

  2. I hate to break it to you- but I have 2 boys and 2 girls and those two girls have peed on me countless times, the boys? Once. and that's between both of them. So, a tee pee may not be needed :-)