Tuesday, November 6, 2012



Go and vote! I voted for my first time last Tuesday and, you know what? I felt the warm fuzzies on the inside. Who doesn't want to feel the warm fuzzies? Plus, you can't complain about the person in office if you don't care enough to help with the choosing. Actually, you shouldn't complain about politics in social situations at all, because, well, it's rude and people really just won't like you as much as they did before.

Lastly, a tiny update on my weekly wellness challenge

Week 1: Hydrate. I am. In honor of it all, I purchased a lovely purple camelbak water bottle. I've been coveting it for some time now, and what can I say? It's love.

Week 2: Sleep. Heaven bless the man who invented daylight savings in the fall. Hell curse the man who thought we should follow suit in the spring. But, it being fall, I'm loving the sleep thing. I actually moved my workouts from the morning to the evening and I've found that I'm sleeping much better. I love sleep. love. love.

Week 3: Stretch. This one says to try a new form of exercise. I'm just trying to stick with my routine. Tonight it's body combat. I'm excited to go kick some arse tonight.

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