Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Digressing from a Funk

You know when you're kind of in a funk, not quite happy but not sad really. Just bla.

I've been in one since Sunday, yes Sunday is when this bad boy moved in. My poor husband bears all the brunt of my funks, poor boy. I feel like today it's finally moving out and I'm finally moving on from it. How's that for dramatic?

I thought I'd share a couple of the things that have gotten me out of this dramatic funk of mine. You know, just in case you fall into a dramatic funk anytime soon. Happens to the best of us right?

#1 Run into a lovely friend that you haven't seen in ages. Mine is Heidi. You can't have mine, but I bet you do have an old friend that you have been neglecting. Again, happens to the best of us.

#2 Listen to THIS song, because I promise that it will make you happy every.single.time. If it doesn't then I can't help you. Hey Jude is my ultimate pick up song -- I can't tell you how many times I've belted this in my car on the way to work...on the way the shower. You get the idea.

#3 Take a bubble bath with with a bath bomb or a bubble bar...or what the heck, throw both in!
They make you're water sparkly, your skin soft, and make YOU feel like you're a princess in heaven. We all deserve to be pampered like princesses, especially during a funk. Oh, it also helps if you can watch a couple episodes of Cougar Town too while you soak your troubles away.

#4 Watch hilarious YouTube videos. The following is especially funny if you've had a rough and tumble run-in with your arch nemesis treadmill lately. I'm not the only one who considers the treadmill to be my arch nemesis, do I?

#5 And finally, last but not least, go and kiss your husband, significant other, mother, brother, or dog. Show them some love and remember that they've been putting up with your crazy funk antics and still love you none the less. How lucky are you?


  1. oh my heck, treadmill video = hilarious!

    i want both of THOSE exact bath things. they're my favorite smelling ones!

    music can change anyone's mood. I also recommend, california by the one and only mindy gledhill.

    and i agree about the old friend true!

  2. hahaha. That video is just what I needed today. Thanks!!

  3. You're welcome, that video made my day yesterday