Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Random Lovelies

1. Barclay Street Dama :: This would go with everything, but I couldn't morally or ethically spend that much on a bag.
2. Bridgette Leather Watch :: I love the grey, copper, and brown. Again, this will go with everything. I love things that go with everything, I really do. I was kind of disappointed with my last fossil watch, hopefully this one will be a winner.
3. Stripecast Cardigan :: I'm pretty sure this coral-y orange color is the only one that looks good on me, I have way too much of it. I still can't resist.
4. Jayne T-Strap Ballet Flats :: Aren't they beautiful? Again, goes with everything, but my moral and ethics do put a damper on the fun. 
5. Jardin Skirt :: Drool.
6. Papaya Lip Shine :: Perfect color...especially for the spring and summer that I'm currently craving.
8. Neon Azalea Sperry's :: Perfect spring and summer shoes.