Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Peppermint Stick

Usually, I'm not the biggest fan of anything peppermint. But there is something about Christmas and snow {which we FINALLY got yesterday!!!} that makes little doses of peppermint okay. While I was grocery shopping at Wal-Mart yesterday I couldn't resist picking up a box of Farr's peppermint stick ice cream. I was super excited to get home to show Jeremy, who ended up not being super excited about the ice cream.

Looks like I'll be eating it all by myself. I think I'll live...

What are some of your favorite Christmas only treats?


  1. it's me (melinda).

    i agree about the peppermint. also, egg nog. i've already had my few little doses of that this year.

    that ice cream looks good and Christmasy!

  2. definitely eggnog, mixed with sprite oddly. it's legendary!

  3. There is absolutely no problem with enjoying a bowl of ice cream by yourself :) My favorite thing about Christmas is the eggnog lattes everywhere!

    Luvv, Leigh B