Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Cheer

Last night was a good night at Ruesch Manor. J accepted a new job offer and starts TODAY. He didn't have to study for any finals {that's happening tonight}, we made delicious hammy sandwiches in our DI sandwich maker, that cooks like a champ I might add. We also spent part of the night playing on my ipad, downloading a ton of stupid free apps. This one was our favorite by far...

This app takes a picture of you and then morphs you into your muppet form. It entertained us for a good 20 minutes. Later my mom and brother came over for some ice cream, chatting, and to pick up their 500 lb elliptical box that Amazon "accidently" delivered to my house. 

When my mom got to our house she was so excited to tell us about her day. She made she we were sitting down and that she had 100% of our attention. She's funny {and cute} like that sometimes. She preceded to tell us that she had this crazy final she had to finish yesterday. She spent the last two weeks studying her guts out. When she logged on to take her exam, she noticed that it was titled "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" 

She opened it up, and much to her surprise, the document just had one short paragraph written on it. It said something along the lines of; This is such a busy and wonderful time of year and I want you to spend your time enjoying it with your family and friends. So, my gift to you is that there is no final {my mom was tearing up by now, you have no idea how stressed she's been about this class}. Please don't tell any of your classmates about this, I'd like them to find the surprise on their own. All that I ask is you pay it forward and spread Christmas cheer by giving to a child in need. If you have a good experience, please send me a quick email describing the experience. Merry Christmas!

How cool is that? Besides that fact that she didn't have to take her nasty final, her instructor took it a step further and asked them to bless someones else's life in the spirit of the season. Oh how I love Christmas time! 

This is how J decided to spread some Christmas cheer around our house:

I've never known where to buy real mistletoe {so if anyone has insights, let me know!} and I guess J wanted more kisses, so he drew up a make-shift one and taped it to the kitchen entry way. That's the one that we cross under the boy. He know's how to get what he wants!

Lastly, I just loved the stage set-up for the MG concert Monday night and had to share:

Oh, and I'm officially listening to Christmas music at work, it gets me through the craziness that is finals and procrastinators.

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