Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's a blustery blustery day!

Today's commute to the U was nerve racking to say the least. I don't know if I've ever been in windier weather. It was running around 70 mph at my house and up to 98 mph is Centerville, less than 10 minutes away. When we got out to the car we noticed that our Christmas lights are  just hanging on by a thread, cute. We got to get ready in the dark after the power went out for a few moments, but that wasn't even the most interesting part of the morning...

I-15 north was closed due to 5 semi-truck tip-overs , lucky we were going south, but at about 20 mph in Legacy. When we finally got brave enough to get on I-15 we passed a semi on it's side on the on-ramp. I was basically a wreck the whole way to work. Thank goodness J was driving today. Down I-15 we saw about 80 semis pulled over on the side of the road {I'm not over exaggerating} and it doesn't help when the radio keeps saying {over and over} to NOT leave your house if you don't absolutely have to. I kept checking my worke mail hoping for university closure, but no such luck. Up on campus there were fences blown over and an uprooted tree in the middle of a parking lot.

If I ruled the world, no one would have to go to work on days like these. I would strongly advise to staying in bed, sipping soup, and watching movies. Too bad I'm not in charge, huh?

But obviously, we made it in one piece. I wish I wasn't so dang dramatic.

Second, I am proud to announce that I am 100% done with my Christmas shopping for the year. J and I had the afternoon off after the Nutcracker yesterday {which was FANTASTIC!} and decided to finish everything up. It feels nice to have everything done, wrapped, and under the tree. While out perusing for Christmas presents J was in the mood for McDonald's Holiday pie {the ones with the custard and sprinkles}

He got two, I ate one {they're not too good} and J took a bite out of his and it was Pumpkin, he wasn't to please. So, we drove out to the mall in Layton and stopped at the McD's there. He ordered one, got up to the window and they said they actually were out and they just had apple {J hates apples}. So we were on our way. After the shopping was finished we headed back to Kaysville and stopped at our McD's. J went to order again and they actually hadn't even gotten Holiday Pies in yet. Oh the rage and fury that I witnessed, not really. Just kind of. So he cut his losses for the day. I still feel really bad that the only Holiday pie to be had was by me, and I don't even like 'em too much. Dang it.

Have a happy blustery day!

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