Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Days Off! Dos

Yesterday my SIL, Melinda, and I decided to go on the hunt for some Cheerwine. Haven't heard of it? Probably because it's a North Carolinian original that just started seeping into the western US . J did some of his growing up in North Carolina and was introduced to the beverage and LOVED it!. Melinda got me on the bandwagon, and we think it's a perfect drink for the holidays {hence the "cheer"} and a new fun family tradition. I found this quote from the New York Times that describes it perfectly, "Cheerwine tastes like cherry soda the way Dr Pepper tastes like pepper, or Mountain Dew tastes like dew."

We started our search at Blickenstaffs in Provo. What a fun store! They specialize in vintage candy, pop, and toys. I was talking to the owner yesterday and he said they're hoping to open one in the Gateway Mall in the near future. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Stores like these are few and far between and I can't wait to take my kids! There isn't an electronic toy on the premises, just fun vintage and educational toys. It's kind of magical.
{I stole this from Melinda's BLOG -- she's way better at taking photos}

Unfortunately, they only had 3 bottles. Melinda needed them for her families Christmas Dinner so she took those and I settled stocked up on gummy candy and probably the most delicious pop I've ever tasted! It's called NEHI {Lehi for Melinda} Peach Soda.When I was buying it all of the workers were raving about this drink. It was the best tasting, most popular, can't keep it in stock. Needless to say, I was kind of excited to pop that sucker open and try it.

Obviously, I couldn't wait long enough to even take a picture, but it was SO worth it. Most favorite drink ever. can order it on AMAZON. Is Amazon not one of the best things ever?! 

After a little more hunting we found the rest of our Cheerwine...12 in total. We also discovered a goldmine of cheese, a million glass bottled sodas and delicious holiday FOOD. Another tradition Melinda and I decided to start this year!

As much as I'm sure you can tell that I love food and beverages of all types the best part was hanging out with Melinda and little Brookie {or as I like to call her, turtle} I know I've said it before but I am so thankful to get the chance to have sisters. I never knew all of the fun and support I was missing out on the first 19 years of my life. Brother are great too though, really they are.

Speaking of amazing sisters, we went to Robintino's to celebrate Tori's 18th birthday!!! Again, I'm not good at taking pictures, but it was fun to get everyone together. I can't believe you're an official adult Tori! When I started dating J you were in 8th grade. I've loevd watching you grow into such a beautiful and kind woman. Love you Tor!!!

Only 3 days until Christmas

I can hardly stand it!!!

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  1. Peach Nehi is our FAVORITE!! it is hard to find