Friday, October 21, 2011


One of J's cousins had the fantastic idea of putting together a book of pictures, notes, etc. for their grandparents for Christmas. She asked for pictures and notes from each family {kids and grandkids}, it will be quite the book. I'm a slacker and didn't get my pictures to her until last night, but it was fun going through all of the pictures that J and I have from the past 4 years. Here are the pics we sent, I think they're a pretty descriptive timeline of events...


{best day of my life}

{Our first day with Maggie Pelusa, Christmas Eve}

{Welcome to the big kid world--so excited for J this coming May!}

{Mindy Gledhill groupies}

I'm excited for next weekend {not that I'm wishing this weekend away}because J's cousin is taking some family pictures with the Ruesch Clan. You should check her out. She has done some CUTE stuff! I love family pictures, it's so fun looking back to see how much people change {plus it's a good excuse for some shopping!} 

On the docket for this weekend:
- Bountiful Baskets
- Body Combat
- Work for J
- A date with 50 tons of laundry for me
- BYU Game
- Hopefully some Cold Stone {cake batter, brownies, raspberries}
- A wedding reception for these two tonight:

Congrats you two!

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  1. Quit teasing me and come visit, already! I'll take you do Disneyland, and that's a promise! ;)