Thursday, September 9, 2010

the dumb club

...well that's at least Melinda calls it : )

fill out the  survey and type the the 1st thing that comes to mind upon seeing these words. 

Balloon: animal

Fish: sticks

Sushi: fresh

Book: love

Feet: stinky

Hot: spicy!

Moon: sailor--anyone remember that really stupid cartoon?

Metal: tin

Sweet: thang!

Pen: -cil

Penguin: March

Catch: a cold?

Vegas: Cirque

Nails: pokey

Map: outdated

Tahiti: mmm...

Water: wet

Opera: viking horns

Cowboy: Texas

Autumn: chill

Join the club...I tag---Katie Henderson, Marci Barker and Ashley Lasater. 
---you better do it or you'll have 46 years of bad luck, you will never have a boyfriend, and you will step in gum tomorrow: ) Remember those really cool email forwards...


  1. come on everyone, it's fun! ;)

  2. Haha, I stepped in gum yesterday. I guess this means I better do it!