Monday, March 3, 2014


This weekend Melinda and I spend a solid 2 hours (maybe?) looking through the archives of her blog. We started by looking for a specific photo, but then just kept going. It was so fun to look through the old photos and all of the "remember whens..." So, maybe this is enough of a kick start to get the record keeping going, for purely selfish reasons. Seriously, I just want to be able to look back at this a year from now and play "remember when"

This past Saturday we got Ellie's ears pierced. I have been going back and fourth forever trying to decided whether to do it or not. J.rue of course didn't care either way and suggested that we just go the soonest Saturday possible, most likely so I would just stop talking about it. So after going back and fourth for 3 more days, Saturday came and we decided to go for it.

Clearly, this was before the holes were punched. Honestly, after doing it, I might wait a little longer for my next girl, if we have one. It was a little traumatic and well, long. We had a squirley girl on our hands so much patience was needed. I'm actually super happy that it's done now. It's adorable and now we don't have to worry about it. It was just the actual piercing of the ears that was not fun. But probably just like with birth, I will forget and will be chomping at the bit with my next one.

If you're thinking about doing this to with your baby, maybe watch this first :) Just a warning, it may or may not rip your heart out, it did mine.

This is the best picture I have of our girl's new ears, we think it makes her look like quite the little lady.

...and just one more for good measure, because I just love that Ellie is as photogenic as I am.

In other extremely exciting news, we're spending a lot of time in the mother's lounge during sacrament meeting. Right up until I had Ellie I was always very curious about this ominous room. Can you believe that it's not all it's cracked up to be? Well, unless you enjoy sitting in a tiny room with 3 rockers shoved in the tiniest room possible, all touching. That's fun when you and another gal's boobs are hanging out right next to each other. Obviously, sometimes the mother's lounge is also used for other things besides eating, because why not?

...and if we get really lucky, she sleeps.

Ellie loves helping with the laundry.

And Cece is making sure we're effectively grooming the next generation of Ellen D. fans via the Oscars.


  1. I was searching for my GF's blog and came across your interesting blog. Started reading and came to the your post having your daughter's ears pierced after much debate with yourself going back and forth. Like you, I was nervous too and had some momentary misgivings. However, like you, I know as soon as you saw your daughter with her little pierced ears, it erased any doubts you've had and I suspect all the uncertainty vanished!

    I'd say you were a smart mommy for doing it early and following your mommy intuition having your daughter's ears

    There is nothing sweeter and it makes them look so feminine like a little ingénue and cherub with little studs in their ears. We did our daughter early too after consulting with our ped who gave me some encouraging tips how and where to go.

    She is now two and is girlie-girl. She loves changing her earrings to match her dresses, but favors pearls like her mommy.

    Any moms want our ped's tips, let me know.