Monday, June 4, 2012

Hot Hot Heat

We're back! and I have about a million pictures I would looove to show you, but being that we are restricted to cell phone photos for the time being, and we used j.rue's phone, then this is all you get today. I do feel that our driving home conditions should be recorded, at least for my posterity, so they avoid at all costs, what I'm about to tell you.

First, I'll preface the story by telling you that we took j.rue's car to California because it gets fantastic gas mileage and my car, well as I've been told has no balls. It's just all there is to it. Unfortunatley, j.rue's car doesn't have that, now deemed essential, thing that we call an AC. So there you go, you're all caught up on our car history.

The driving to California part was just fine and dandy, really. I' pretty sure the daisies whistled and waved as we drove by. It was easy peasy and everyone was happy. The way home was not the same. Think more along the lines of the Psycho theme playing over and over again. If any of you were in Utah, Nevada, Arizona, or California you probably noticed that it was kind of a scorcher this weekend, when we were driving home. without AC. So we were driving home, it all started off okay, 84 degrees in the car, and as we drove thru the Mojave desert, the temperatures quickly skyrocketed into the 100s. Yes, you heard me right. It actually got up to 110 in our beloved Mazda3.

So, this is how we do. Water bottles, spray bottles, damp beach blankets, and windows open, but just enough so the actual sun doesn't burn your skin. I'm a major whitey, remember? We split up our trip, that the heavens above. We drove from Cali to St. George and then St. George to home. When we got out of the car in St. George we looked like we had been severely sunburned and we had a glaze of spray bottle water and sweat that gave us this shiny look. We were not sunburned, but we were cooked from the inside out. I'd never understood the concept of a cold shower until that moment. Usually I think I want a cold shower, but I get all chilly in about 30 seconds and warm it up. Not the case this time actually. 

The next day, j.rue has to basically coax me in the car with breakfast and shallow promises that the last stretch of our trip could no way be as bad, and it wasn't. But it was still 95 degrees in our car all the way home. We still had to use those blasted spray bottles and I still had that glazed look when we got home.

Was it worth it? Yes, I don't remember that last time j.rue and I had ever gotten to spend 9 days straight with each other. Who knows when it will happen again. Will I ever take a road trip without AC ever again? No, not even in the winter.


  1. Haha, I'm sorry it was so miserable coming home. That dirty heat sucks. Reminds me of a few sleepless nights in Argentina. We used the same water bottle method but also had to fend off hundreds of mosquitoes at the same time. Good to have you guys back!

  2. I feel so bad for you guys!! I was wondering how the drive home went... sounds like it was a doozy! :)