Wednesday, October 19, 2011

8 a.m. Meetings

There really aren't many worse things...You don't have time to get settled, check your emails or messages, or in my case eat breakfast. Granted this was a more interesting meeting {The U is talking about changing their general requirements!}. I just wasn't feelin' it until these were carted in:

Is your mouth watering yet? I do have to say that on a day-to-day basis I despise cinnamon rolls. They're either too hard, too sweet, have raisins, or have WAAAY to much frosting, ew. But for some reason today they were calling to me and I couldn't resist. Maybe it was because they were steamy-hot, had just the right amount of frosting, or were delectably soft, yes I'm pretty sure that's why. It didn't hurt that there was pineapple and grapes the size of my fist.

Thank goodness I have penciled in a large dose of cardio and weight training today, because I licked the plate clean.

Oh, and in case you were wondering my terriblehorriblenogoodverybadday turned into a notsoterriblelesshorriblenogoodsemibadday, which I have to say is a step up! 

Have a happy Wednesday friends!

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