Friday, April 17, 2015

Baby Rue #2

We're transitioning from a party of 3 to a party of 4 and evening the family score with a little baby boy! I'm due September 25th, the day before j.rue's birthday. If he decides to come the same way his sister did, he'll be born on his daddy's birthday. We're so excited to be adding to our family and to see Ellie transition into big sisterhood. It's honestly the thing that I'm most excited for, the moment they meet, the first kiss she gives him, and hearing her say love you {insert name here once we decide}. How wonderful will that be?

As far as symptoms for the past 4 months, my pregnancies have been similar. I'm nauseated from exactly 6-13 weeks, which is far too long if you ask me. I'm exhausted and so far I haven't gotten any of my energy back in the second trimester. I'm just planning on being tired until the baby learns to sleep through the night like last time. I do feel like I started showing sooner so I was convinced I was going to be huge by this point, but it seems like things quickly evened out. Luckily. Unlike last time I was exercising before, but it's definitely been put on hold. I'm gradually easing back into it, but it's amazing how quickly you can loose it. Dang you nausea. Because I had been working out before the weight definitely came on more quickly than last time, but I'm trying my darndest to not let it get to me too much. I mean I'm still shoveling in the ramen, cold cereal, and salt and vinegar chips, so you know. I give into the cravings. Here's a 1st and 2nd pregnancy comparison. It's amazing that I actually had a matching picture. I was not good at documenting with Ellie. I should have just done monthly like I'm going to do with this one. Much easier. Can I also just say that I loathe this pictures. I'm not good at the angles and I always look tired. It's for records sake (repeats over and over again...)

The biggest difference about this pregnancy is how quickly it's flying by. This makes me happy and sad. I love that it's going by without even thinking about it. I'm 17 weeks today and how am I almost half way done?! Every time Friday goes around I'm in awe that another week has come and gone so easily. The first 8 weeks seemed to take forever, but I think I just like getting past that point. I'm sad because I know my one of one time with Ellie is coming to an end. I think she knows too because her cuddliness has increased by about 1000% in the last 2 months. She loves to poke my general stomach area and say "bebe". Oh how will I love another child as much as her? I know my heart will make room but I know it's one of those things that I won't even be able to begin to understand until this babe joins us in September.

I really do wonder how Ellie will be with a new baby in the beginning. I have high hopes because of her love for babies in general. She loves pointing out their tiny baby parts and squealing "soooo cuuuute!" Because of this, I think we have a fighting chance. I know she'll miss the one on one time, but I know she'll adjust quickly. I just have to remind myself that the difference between 18 months and 2 years is huge. Yes, they will be 2 weeks short of 2 years apart. I'm going to have to get creative with her, especially over the know, considering she doesn't like the snow. Little brother is going to have to learn how to travel well, and quickly because his sister never stops. Isn't it funny how many worries come to mind when you have a new babe on the way? It would keep me up at night if I didn't have my trusty 1/2 unisom. There are so many things that can go wrong before they even get here, and then there here and have even less control. Babies really are your heart walking on the outside of your body. But when I get too overwhelmed with fear I just remember that whoever is meant to join our family will and our family will be perfect in it's own little way.

We can't wait to meet you little one! You are already so loved.

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