Tuesday, October 18, 2011

10 on tuesday

1. Right now, as we speak, I am downloading Winter Moon. Christmas came early this year folks!

2. Last night we had a BBQ with some friends in our ward. I love ward friends. They're the best, and they have the cutest kids {and best recipes}

3. The J Crew catalog came in the mail yesterday. As much as I love browsing online I do have to say there is something about getting a brand spankin' new beautifully colored J Crew catalog in the mail. I drooled over it this morning from Kaysville to the U {don't worry, J was driving}. I'm loving their jewelry...and handbags.

4. As I'm sure you've all noticed, the weather has been PERFECT. Kinda cool, super sunny, and the leaves have been changing like crazy! I love living by the mountains, they literally take my breath away every day.

5. In honor of the beautiful changing leaves J and I have been going on hikes to enjoy the great outdoors. Our most favorite place ever is Adam's Canyon. It's right in our backyard. The first time we went I was already feeling a little winded and opted to take the easier route. Lucky for us we found an awesome waterfall, we're kind of obsessed.

6. Today is turning out to be a terriblehorriblelnogoodverybadday and it's not even 10 yet...boo.

7. At least I can look forward to Cale's soccer game and getting my hair did up in PC...in 7.5 hours. Pray that I can make it that long.

8. I've been obsessed with greek food lately, mostly lemon rice. I think I shall eat it every day in heaven.

9. Saturday night I had convinced J to go see Footloose with me in theaters {miracle}. Then one of my brothers wanted to go with us, but not to Footloose, to Abduction. I'm a pushover and agreed. I have to say that it probably wasn't as good as Footloose {duh} but I did get to look at him for 2 hours: 

{can I just clarify that this is a T-Laut obsession, NOT to be confused with the Twilight obsession}

10. Yesterday I kept thinking that it was Tuesday or Wednesday. It's going to be a long week.

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