Tuesday, July 12, 2011


My body has been screaming at me since 5am this morning. You know that feeling when you alarms goes off and you can come up with at least 68 reasons why you can't get up in about 0.986 seconds? That happened to me this morning, except I trudged out of bed and started thinking about how there is no way that I am going to run any of my errands, walk my dogs, or do any cleaning after work. It's funny how the possibility of being charged a measly $10+ for a class you don't attend will get me out of bed. Maybe it's more that my husband will cut me off from all monetary funds if I spend one more cent for an already expensive membership, who knows?

All I know is that I somehow made it out of bed and into my car within 10 minutes {don't worry I brushed my teeth and prepped everything the night before}. Then, I scraped my bumper against this awesome gray pole we have on my side of the driveway. It made the kind of crunching noise that could make an iron stomach go weak. I got out and looked at it and it wasn't too bad {as in no dents}, but I do have some nice gray streaks on my car now:)  The thing that made me really nauseated was how J would react. Luckily, I have the best husband in the world, and he just laughed {at me}. But then I quickly reminded him that he had backed up into my car not too long again in the same driveway and we were now ever. HA!

I made it to class by 5:53 and my body was screaming at my again by 6:04. Then when I showered and changed it was throwing another tantrum. I don't think we're on great terms right now. All in good time body, all in good time.

Side note: I made it to the farmers market on Saturday, it was awesome. I got some handmade liquid soap sans glycerin that smells like a little piece of heaven. But, even better than handmade soap, J gave up playing football with his friends to join me. I don't know how much he enjoyed being dragged from one booth to another, but he did get a cookie and was rewarded with the new Transformers movie in 3D, I'm can be nice wife sometimes.

The rest of the weekend was spend relaxing, as it should be. Next weekend we're starting up "Burger Club" with some of our friends in the ward. More on that later...

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  1. way to go chels! keep it up! can't wait to join you in the near future!