Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We're Baaaack!!!

Greetings! {as Cale has been saying for the past 5 days...}

We're back from the land of cheese {Wisconsin in case you didn't know}.

We had lots of fun spending time with family, eating cheese, well just eating in general {would it be a vacation without a little overindulgence?}and...sleeping. Jeremy, Cale, and I quickly found out that we all love staying up late talking, sleeping in late, and taking a nice leisurely afternoon nap. We also did a lot of driving, but lucky for us, cheese land is beautiful...

I'll elaborate on our adventures more tomorrow, just wanted to let ya know we are back safe and sound. Oh and I also found this thing I want to do with my future children and didn't want to forget it. That's actually the main reason why I did this post.

You can click here to be inspired as well. Happy hump day!!!

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