Sunday, January 9, 2011

Two Years Under the Belt

It's our anniversary today and, ladies and gents, we made it another year, and a great year it has been!

During this year we have experienced/survived:

-Lots of love
-Adjustment of homeownership
-Three more semesters of school
-A second dog child
-Embarrassing moments
-Delicious food
-More unwanted basement water in Ruesch Manor
-Lots of movies 
-Some tears
-More of each other's adorable idiosyncrasies : )

Here's a few good moments from last year...

We found out that Coop loves celery, and anything for that matter.

We did aspirin face masks regularly

Took some family pictures

Took a trip to Vegas

Went to movies at the Capitol

Went to lots of fireworks 
...and hung out with lots of good friends.

It's been a good year and we look forward to growing old together and the adventures that come with it. We didn't do anything special this year, basically 99.9% of the Ruesch Family Funds went to the pursuit of higher education. So, hopefully this summer we'll make up for it. Maybe by laying on the beach somewhere.

Speaking of laying on beaches and growing old together... day...

I love you Jeremy, even when we're wrinkly and saggy and think we're way hotter than we really are because, I mean, I'll always look good in snake skin and camels never go out of style right?

Here's to the next 100 years...

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  1. Again, Happy Anniversary! I hope you guys had a blast. Love the pic of you two at your wedding, priceless!