Monday, January 3, 2011

my two most favorite blogs at the moment

I love it when I can find a good blog that updates daily {or pretty close to} and introduces me to new, fun things that I need. Actually, that I want, but feel that I need.

The first one that I've been looking at is Crave, Rave, Fav. I love how she, b*, gives the product description, her description, and where you can buy it for the cheapest. She reviews a big variety of things from clothes, photographers, steamers, shoes, you get the idea. I've found about a million things on there that I have added to my Amazon wish list.

The second one is My Favorite Things. I have literally read every post of hers in the past three years this past two weeks. She also reviews a large variety of things from music, baby stuff, and more clothes! She updates daily, or more than daily and has a ton of great ideas. 

So, if you ever have a spare minute...or hour check these ladies' blogs out for good entertainment and ideas.

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