Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chivalry isn't dead

I was sitting at a red light on the way to Gold's, just minding my own business, thinking about how hard I'm going to have to work out because of all the glorious junk food I ate today, when the driver of the car in front of me opened his door and got out. I was a little nervous because a bus came into the lane next us and was, oh, 1.5 inches away from hitting the man and ripping off his car door. This man, who I decided looked like a preacher mixed with a little gangsta  preceded to approach my car. {note: gangsta because he had tats up and down his arms and neck, preacher because he had a short-sleeve preacher shirt on - the kind with the white collar thing - and a big cross around his neck} Well, he told me that my left head light was out. I was about to tell him that I actually figured that out yesterday, but I didn't want preacha/gangsta to think that he risked his life in vain, so I just nodded, smiled, and thanked him.

We ended up pulling into the same parking lot, there's some kind of church in the same strip as Gold's that always puts little flyers on your windshield that give you a tiny heart attack when you come out because they look like tickets, I'm assuming that was where he was going. As I walked into the gym I looked over and he was walking into his church just smiling and waving, he looked so happy, which in turn made me happy : )

Lessons I learned from this story: 1. Chivalry is not dead 2. Do not get out of your car when you are in the middle lane of the street, you or your car could be pummeled by a bus. 3. there is such thing as a preacha/gangsta 4. Pay it forward - no I will not risk my life for a broken headlight, but I do plan on doing something nice for a stranger tomorrow.

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